5 Challenges Facing Business Owners

Having spent the last few weeks meeting along with and also chatting to small business proprietors around Essex, it turned clear which they all seem to face same issues on a day-to-day basis.

Some of the problems they faced added:


Customers are in the spirit of any business. With no customers and also the income generated after that the business will become just a good idea. One of the issues they faced was how to draw, retain and also maximise the clients?

For me, the key to winning the business and also making sure customer retention is giving not just great products as well as services other than adding a good customer service experience. A plan wants to be developed for making sure this client growth and also maximizing revenues through existing customers.

Financial Management:

It’s crucial for a small as well as medium-sized business to run the cashflow effectively other than sometimes managing the P&L seemed to be the 3rd as well as the4thorder of the day for some business owners.

Getting agood financial recommendation from a consultant who requires the time to analyze business performance, looks at old debtors, analyses client profitability and also puts effective financial planning events in place mitigate the risk of the business achieving into financial troubles.


A lot of business proprietors aren’t marketing experts and also have strategic advice for a marketing plan, a campaign and also thinking about the channels they desire to promote the business through.

The challenge is to allow the business to tell its story in a method which lets the business to grow and build client engagement. Bringing an experienced marketer into the business also in-house or as a consultant to assist develop this strategy could let the business owner focus on what he does best.


For a lot of business owners, you will find just not enough hours in a day. All owners are stretched for time. Creating a lot of time means sometimes saying no and also focusing on what is necessary for the achievement of the business.

This is where business owners often seek external advice through a business mentor as well as aconsultant to get them to focus on what is critical for the growth of the business.


Business Planning seemed to be a small piece of a late addition for some of the business proprietors I spoke along with; they were working a lot ‘on the fly.’ Annual Planning must start a minimum of 4 months before the end of the financial year and must start along with a formal annual budget, understanding the profitability of every client/customer, enlargement opportunities, business development planning and also an analysis of the overhead necessary to service those clients/customers, market and also grow the business, generate a good customer experience or delivering a sustainable revenue margin.

Successful business owners make wealth and grow their business as they understand how to construct a culture where sustainable profitability is a given.

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