Food To Body, Nutrition To Health

Health is dependent to a big extent on nutrition, and also nutrition on food. Food, actually, is the most significant single factor in connection along with the achievement and also maintenance of health. Every drop of blood in the body is conditioned through the food we eat, and it is in theblood which each tissue, each organ, every gland, and also indeed every function of the body basically is dependent.

By food is meant some material taken into the system which serves to sustain usual bodily procedures. It is a fallacy of the times to regard which anything and also all called food is good for health.

For some substance to be correctly regarded as human food it has to be able of supplying the body along with the material wanted for the repair of body tissues and also maintenance of a variety of functions, whilst at the same time doing no damage to the body and also in no way interfering along with its activities. Food so as to replenish the body, so, must be food, consequently, in choosing food ensures 1st which it is actually food. We must live on truthfully nutritious food and also not on anything usually considered as food.

One of the actual hard issues for the present generation is that much of the food no longer reaches us through the field, garden as well as anorchard in the normal state as nature ready it, to meet man’s nutritional requirements. Such foods are at present extremely mainly collected and also taken on the big commercial centers, where they’re altered, preserved, pickled, denatured, cooked, sterilized, pasteurized – therefore deprived of the most vital fundamentals. Whatever is left that will stand over extended distances transportation and also keep indefinitely is sold to us in place of the real things that nature offered as food. Such denatured substances have no nutritive worth and also are far from being asatisfactoryalternative for natural foods.

Through natural food, we mean food as supplied through Nature containing all the elements and also not flavored as well as doctored as well as devitalized by man. No type of life could be supported wholly by laboratory products, and also man is no exemption to the basic law.

Plants and also trees usually suffer from deficiency as well as anexcess of certain elements in the soil. Apart from rising mineral starved food, we discover that much of it is completely distorted in composition.

Natural food correctly chosen, scientifically combined, and also sensibly administered has true remedial value and also could heal disease through supplying the proper saline elements in theorganic form. These organic mineral elements in food protect the tissues through disorganization and form putrefaction. These vitalizing minerals, salts and also vitamins are very important to health, ward off disease and also premature old age.

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